• The Jeggpap is an Old style Jazzband from Belgium, founded in Dendermonde in June 1962.
  • The name "JEGGPAP" was made with the first name initials of the six original bandmembers.
  • They made several tours in Holland, England, Germany, Tenerife, Marokko,and the United States.
  • They became the accompanying band of many top jazzmen.
  • The band performed in 1980 in New-Orleans, Memphis en Nashville.
  • In 1987 they were the first traditional jazzband in Belgium to produce a CD and this on occasion of their 25th anniversary.
  • They performed on radio and TV in Belgium and other countries.
  • The band has so far released 10 LP's and 8 CD's.
  • Repertoire: Swingmusic: Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Nat-King Cole
  • The latest CD "Pop Meets Jazz" is recorded at the end of 2007

Music for all occasions "Let it swing".                         Music for all occasions "Let it swing".

They performed with: Bill Coleman(67) / Nelson Williams(68-70) / Ken Colyer(70) / Alton Purnell(70) / Albert Nicholas(72) / Louis Nelson(72) / Beryl Bryden(73) / Sunnyland Slim(73) Sammy Rimmington(74) / Benny Waters(74) / George Probert(75-78) / Kid Thomas(76) / Emmanuel Paul(76) / Kid Sheik(77) / Bud Freeman(77) / John Deffarary(86) / Freddy Sunder(98) / Patrick Artero ('02, '03) / Wendell Brunious ( '06) / Freddy Lonzo ('06) / Steve Yocum ('07)